Young Goodman Brown

Young Goodman Brown is an allegory about a young puritan man who takes a journey in the woods to find himself and leaves his young wife Faith behind. Puritans believed the woods were the place evil spirits resided.

Loss of innocence is equaled to loss of faith.In this sense his innocence was what kept him from questioning his life up until this moment. That innocence that does not question what is told and has no reason to do otherwise. For this very reason Young Goodman Browns wife is dressed with ribbons. Innocence is lost when it’s shown to him that no one he knew lived the life they told. First Faith loses her beautiful ribbons .Before Young Goodman Brown loses his faith he loses his Innocence first . Innocent is what had held him back from seeing the reality .His faith was tied to his Innocence. Innocence becomes his blindfold. When his blindfold falls off, he questions his faith. Faith is often described as believing in what you cannot see. The moment what he was told and taught fails to hold significance and truth , he wants to see proof . His words against the devil does not work because he does not hold a spiritual authority that an intimate relationship with the Almighty would have given him. He had some belief that it would. When his last fight is lost, he lets evil in his heart. He figures the only truthful is the devil .He does not hide his intentions .In fact,he does not tell him what it is.He makes Young Goodman Brown believe that the way he feels comes completely from him.Besides his weak spirit, the fact he is led away from faith ,his mind is weak. He crumbles before The Enemy .

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