The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is about a handsome fellow who captures the interest of a painter called Basil Hallward. Through Basil,he meets Lord Henry Wotton who introduces Dorian into a hedonistic point of view:that fulfilling your deepest desires are the only things worth living for.

The paint that Basil paints of Dorian ages and records his sins rather than he himself.So he lives a life only seeking pleasures while never aging.

He meets Sybil Vane and engages in a romantic relationship with her.This is the beginning of his downfall.

This book will be an interesting read for anyone who is up for good discussions. It is a good book to reflect upon. How far should we go to fulfill our carnal desires?Should we live /establish a moral life?How much can art really talk? Whose point of view is it?The artist’s or the subject being painted?

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