That life take 3- Be present . Dare to dream

Everyday you’re alive, you’re making it. Keep your mind sharp and busy. Depend on yourself, but know when to look for help. Your emotions tell you what is on your mind, but they should not dictate who you are. Who you are is entirely up to you. For a while finding yourself is hard. You have your parents telling you exactly who you should be and the more you experience life you will question how just what makes you,you. People will know where you are in life, but they won’t know where you came from.

The things you have are temporary so do not depend on them for happiness. There are a lot of variables in this life and the only person you should be able to count on is you. Try to keep calm at all times. A mind in distress isn’t much help .Ever try finding your keys when they’re right in front of you? Or looking for your phone when it’s in your hand? If you do not live in the now your mind will forget and will not observe the things that are present and happening.

Your mind can also play tricks on you. Research shows that you might not remember the past exactly as it happened.Your mind will try to fill in the blanks. And the future? Well that’s for the taking. However, your present determines how your future will play out.

Find happiness in the smallest but most significant details. Even when it’s hard to love, keep on loving. A smile can make someone’s day.

If you’re a talker , keep on talking, if you’re a writer, keep on writing. Dare to dream and believe it will happen. Make it happen.

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