Skyrim Mods for those who own a console!

For all of those who still play Skyrim today and own the remastered version, Bethesda has released mod downloading for consoles. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been out since 2011 and won game of the year, 5 years later the game was published with new graphics, being able to play on new generation of consoles and now has mod installing. For the PC users this is no big deal since they have been modding on the games first release, but those who own console have been waiting for a moment like this.

Skyrim is a fantasy based action role playing game designed by Bethesda and it is the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series.

Mods make the game way more fun and interesting, though PC has over a thousand mods, Bethesda will be updating new mods for console users to try out and play. Creating new features, areas, characters, texture with mods will make the game-play last forever. MxR Mods is a Youtuber who posts video on every great mod there is for the game. Down below are some of the best mods of all time!

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