You change the environment, not the flower

Sometimes you love at a level people can’t even comprehend and behind a great love story, there’s an individual finding himself or herself. And as you never stop learning about people, you never stop learning about yourself. There’s sacrifice that comes with love and love always starts with you.

I love this quote that says that “In life you’ll realize that there’s a purpose for every person you meet.Some are there to test you… Some will use you… Some will teach you and some will bring out the best in you”. Most people that come into your life are a reflection of you, of what you’ve done, will do, of what you are willing to. Some people will make you question your character, they will make offers you “cannot refuse”. Others will be there to find your vulnerability and manipulate it to their liking.Remember even your weaknesses can turn into strengths. Be strong and courageous to be who you are, just be resilient and persevere.

My favorite people are those who are here to teach me. Not to necessarily impose their opinions on me, but for me to expand my horizons, see the world in different eyes. Even people that do not share your beliefs can teach you things. To be open minded is to accept there is more than to this life than what you see, what you hear, what you learn. Even the most ludicrous idea should be analyzed. My other favorite type of people are those that either bring the worst out of me or the best out of me.

Why the worst?We all have triggers; things that have an unexpected effect on us. We do have control of our emotions, remember that. And to learn this you may have to have an encounter with a situation that completely gets you out of control.You don’t necessarily start avoiding life ,you can’t dodge what it throws at you, but you can decide who the person is that you want to be.

The people that bring out the best in you make you remember your humanity. They remind you, that you must do good to receive any good. They remember how much you have grown as a person and how you can work on becoming even better. Try to always be your best version.


Be happy

People struggle to find their sense of purpose when the purpose of anyone’s life should be happiness. Your motivation? It should be to be happy. Whatever issues you may have with someone else, fix the issues you have with yourself first. Sometimes we project our frustration on others and sometimes what we detest about certain people is what we detest about ourselves. Before trying to save the world, make sure you are saved.The greatest thing you can give to yourself is love.

Forgive yourself .It is easier to forgive others , but it is hard to forgive yourself. While you may not have the forgiveness of the one you have hurt, having your own forgiveness will help you move on and make a change.And while the person that has hurt you may not have asked you for forgiveness; forgive them. You are greater than your circumstances, than your scars and your emotions.

Have an understanding of who you are, but do not look down upon or scorn ¬†others that do not share your ideals. Tolerate other people’s ideals and respectfully disagree. Do not believe something you have lived and do not disregard an idea you do not have full knowledge about.Be honest, be respectful,be loving, be forgiving, be conscientious, be aware, be open minded.

That life take 3- Be present . Dare to dream

Everyday you’re alive, you’re making it. Keep your mind sharp and busy. Depend on yourself, but know when to look for help. Your emotions tell you what is on your mind, but they should not dictate who you are. Who you are is entirely up to you. For a while finding yourself is hard. You have your parents telling you exactly who you should be and the more you experience life you will question how just what makes you,you. People will know where you are in life, but they won’t know where you came from.

The things you have are temporary so do not depend on them for happiness. There are a lot of variables in this life and the only person you should be able to count on is you. Try to keep calm at all times. A mind in distress isn’t much help .Ever try finding your keys when they’re right in front of you? Or looking for your phone when it’s in your hand? If you do not live in the now your mind will forget and will not observe the things that are present and happening.

Your mind can also play tricks on you. Research shows that you might not remember the past exactly as it happened.Your mind will try to fill in the blanks. And the future? Well that’s for the taking. However, your present determines how your future will play out.

Find happiness in the smallest but most significant details. Even when it’s hard to love, keep on loving. A smile can make someone’s day.

If you’re a talker , keep on talking, if you’re a writer, keep on writing. Dare to dream and believe it will happen. Make it happen.

That life take 2 – thoughts on the train

I feel like i’m on a free fall and there is no ground to hit. Sometimes you want to seem invisible knowing you’re not. There’s a whole world happening around you that sometimes you want to feel ¬†like you’re on the outside looking in ; you’re aware but it doesn’t affect you.Sometimes you want to walk in a place and have the world’s attention on you.

People are observing you and drawing conclusions and trying to look into a life they do not know.With a million people around you , you can still be alone. Have you ever walked into a New York crowd? Life as an observer is lonely. The energy of the masses affect you little or not at all . Ever gone to a party and sat on the corner?

a minute might seem like it goes on forever and forever might seem like it went on for a minute.

Sometimes your mind wanders and at times it is extremely focused. At times thoughts flow effortlessly and at times we force ourselves to think.