Killer Drones

Drones that do not require remote access or human inputs are considered autonomous.There are currently 23,000 manned fighter planes Within a decade it is estimated that most will be replaced by drones(33%).10,000 drones are used to mostly spy however there are a few that are used to eliminate targets.It is reported by the NOVA documentary that 70% of All Al-Qaeda leaders were killed by killer drones.NQ or predator drone is the most famous killer drone used.It flies lighter and it uses less fossil fuel.A manned fighter planes stays in the air for a maximum of four hours but these drones can do 24 hours,36 hours.Its precision allows to minimize the killing of innocent civilians.According to the hangout the FLI petition banning autonomous¬† weapons have reached more than 3,000 signatures and many of these signatures are by famous people.The ban is mostly on weapons that operate without human control.The phase”autonomous machine” is too broad and causes many speculations.Even though the military does not plan on using autonomous weapons,the use of drones will only increase.Elon Musk paid $10 million for robotics researchers to go into the depth of the dangers of autonomous weapons.There will be a time where they might want to reconsider this option.It is important that the ban is in effect before we even have a chance to get there.Very much like Stephen Hawking many think that AI and autonomous machines could be the end of us and they might be right.There is a very good evidence of this:32 broken arrows (missile launchings that have occurred erroneously) occurred during the height of the cold war.The dangerous stability of autonomous weapons is that the feedback loop of increased response may trigger an escalating spiral.I also believe all human technologies are prone to error.When a subject is dealing with human lives we must take it seriously .However,this subject is conflicting because by decreasing fighter planes we can save military lives.It can also remove human error and report back instantly what happens.Even though going against what some might call improvement or even evolution is against almost every fiber of this technology era , there must be a line we are willing to cross, ie:human cloning and modifying DNA of our offspring for our vain reasons and the use of autonomous weapons.