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Top Ten Overpowered Anime Characters!

We all know the main character in every anime isn’t some ordinary high school student or daily life person, the main character in most anime’s turn out sometimes to be dramatically powerful. There are other characters whose powers don’t even have limits, characters such as Goku from Dragon Ball z go above their limit and evolve to gain impressive strengths, speed and other abilities. Villains, heroes, and other characters in anime have abilities and powers many might consider to be just too overpowered!

Here is a list of some of the most overpowered characters.


How to get the booty of a goddess!

Got a flat butt, want to make it pop? We all love the butt and we all should love our own. There are three main muscles that comprise the butt, the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is the largest of the gluteal group. Its origin is the posterior line of the upper ilium, the posterior surface of the lower sacrum, and the side of the coccyx. Its insertion is two-fold: First, the lower and larger portion of the gluteus maximus end with a thick tendon that passes through the greater trochanter (hip) into the iliotibial band. And there is also the gluteal tuberosity between the vastus lateralis (a quadriceps muscle) and adductor magnus.

The gluteus medius (G-med, pictured right) originates on the outer surface of the ilium above and in front of the anterior gluteal line. It also originates at the gluteal aponeurosis. The insertion of the G-med converges on a tendon that attaches to the lateral surface of the greater trochanter (your hip joint). Ultimately, the G-med tendon inserts into an oblique ridge that runs down and to the front of the lateral surface of the greater trochanter.

The gluteus minimus (G-min) originates in front from the outer surface of the ilium between the anterior and inferior gluteal lines. In back, it originates from the margin of the greater sciatic notch. It inserts on the deep surface of a radiated aponeurosis via a tendon that attaches to the anterior border of the greater trochanter. The G-med and G-min perform similar functions, depending on the position of the knee and hip joints. With the knee extended, they abduct the thigh (out to the side away from the opposite leg). When running, they stabilize the leg during the single-support phase. With the hips flexed, they internally rotate the thigh. With the hips extended, they externally rotate the thigh.

Here is a video on some exercises you can do to work that fanny, butt, booty, ass, or bum or whatever you call it.







Injustice 2 can it arrive any sooner?!

Injustice 2 is an upcoming fighting video game being developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is the sequel to 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us. Your superheroes are at it again, playing as your favorite DC characters again and this time with better graphics, gameplay and more!

Injustice 2 retains numerous gameplay mechanics from Injustice: Gods Among Us, including environment interaction, stage transitions, clashes, and character traits. The trait system, like before, provides a temporary buff or ability that compliments each character’s playstyle. The super meter, which allows players to execute enhanced special moves and unlock powerful “super moves” when fully charged, also returns. Players can expend meter to perform new techniques, such as an evasive forward roll, which provides a way to overcome enemy keep-away tactics, or an air recovery, which lets characters escape an opponent’s combo early. Most environmental attacks, which were completely unavoidable in the first Injustice game, can now be blocked; however, certain environmental attacks with large amounts of startup, such as throwing a car, will remain unblockable.

Injustice 2 introduces a loot-dropping system, known as the “Gear System”, which offers character-specific costume pieces and equipment with status-altering effects. The Gear System uses RPG-like mechanics to reward players with experience and loot after every match. Every playable fighter is given four base stats: strength, defense, health, and ability, the latter of which impacts special attacks. As players collect experience points and subsequently level up, their characters’ base stats will increase. Players can enhance their characters’ base stats even further by equipping gear obtained through loot drops, which also lets players customize the look of their characters.

You can preorder the game and get Darkseid as a playable character, the game comes out May 16, 2017! Here is the Injustice 2 trailer below.


Nerdy, Fit and Sexy! Is it possible?

Don’t you want to look like your favorite character from a comic book or video game?Maybe you want to feel and look sexy while still enjoying your nerdy little hobbies. Would you like to banish that belly fat?If you have time for gaming, reading and watching, then you have time for exercising. Moving your body for at least 45 minutes is all it takes to begin getting into shape and of course eating right, so be ready to throw away your favorite potato chips.

Come on Nerds! We have all seen ripped sexy movie stars play as your favorite character. We wouldn’t mind looking like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Chris Evans Captain America, or maybe imagining yourself looking like a real life Goku! Is it possible you say?

Of course, it is only up to you, your time and your effort to get the body you want. Here is a video below on Fitness for beginners, learn how to workout, burn some fat, rip some muscle, and after a good day of working out, lay back on that couch watch that Game of Thrones episode you recorded for later. 🙂



Skyrim Mods for those who own a console!

For all of those who still play Skyrim today and own the remastered version, Bethesda has released mod downloading for consoles. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been out since 2011 and won game of the year, 5 years later the game was published with new graphics, being able to play on new generation of consoles and now has mod installing. For the PC users this is no big deal since they have been modding on the games first release, but those who own console have been waiting for a moment like this.

Skyrim is a fantasy based action role playing game designed by Bethesda and it is the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series.

Mods make the game way more fun and interesting, though PC has over a thousand mods, Bethesda will be updating new mods for console users to try out and play. Creating new features, areas, characters, texture with mods will make the game-play last forever. MxR Mods is a Youtuber who posts video on every great mod there is for the game. Down below are some of the best mods of all time!

Lolita by Vladmir Nabokov

Some people might feel that American novels are censored;they usually have a happy ending, problems are resolved and it is hardly provocative with the exception of a few. Lolita by Vladmir Nabokov is anything but. It entices the reader from the beginning and it keeps you until the end.

Lolita is about a middle aged man that has fantasies about a 12 year old girl.He calls her a nymph ( she is innocent and yet playful). He becomes sexually involved with her after he becomes her stepfather. Lolita is the nickname for her name Dolores.He writes on a journal about how he comes to know her and how his obsession with her drives him to insanity.

Vladmir Nabokov does a good job of staying neutral to the subject. He does not side with the narrator nor disagrees with him.The author’s views are not aligned with his writing which allows him to cross any lines without many concerns. It is an extremely controversial book and it takes an unbiased reader to get through it.

Why am i suggesting it? Well, because it is no doubt one of the best books i have ever read or anyone has ever read.It is ranked among the best books ever written along with 1984 and The Alchemist.


Coiling Dragon (Recommended To People That Are New To Web Novels)

Coiling Dragon is a web novel.A web novel is a novel made by online users(like it wasn’t in the title).Web novels have many types of genres such as horror,sci-fi, xua novels, and many more!The author of Coiling Dragon is IEATTOMATOES(yes,really).Author IEATTOMATOES(a mouthful isn’t it) has made many other novels such as Stellar Transformations, Desolate Era. Coiling Dragon is the story of Linley. Linley is a member of the Dragon Blood Warriors , a clan that their fame shook the world , but the clan is so  poor that it has to sell their family heirlooms in order to survive.Linley is tasked to go through countless trials and tribulations ,making powerful friends but also deadly enemies.

Colling Dragon is a very long novel(it has over 800 chapters!).But each chapter makes you want to read on.The characters are so interesting that even though you see them a lot, they make the story lively.There is not a character that is extremely similar to another character.Each character has his or her own set of personalities they bring to the stories.One of the characters in the story has the character of a kid, but when he gets serious he becomes deadly.The setting of Coling Dragon is really unique. It has a different ranking from typical xianxia novels. In typical xianxua novels they use Daoism (ancient Chinese tradition about living in harmony with the Dao).

The people can be either a warrior or a mangi. A warrior is physically stronger, but mangi are stronger in the sense of magic.

In conclusion, Coiling Dragon is the type of novel that if you have time for it, you’ll really enjoy.